Models Talk: Edita Vilkeviciute

Sweetrus at thefashionspot posted a great new interview with Edita at the Fall Winter 2009/2010 shows. I can't get over how adorable and friendly this girl is! Its refreshing to see a really down to earth model amidst all of the backstage chaos.

For a quick recap:
  • Edita loves Karl Lagerfeld, and sends all her good words to him
  • She has a very simple style, but would love to wear really "out there" things
  • She won a modeling competition, traveled to Barcelona and things went up from there
  • She used to attend a music school where she played the piano (for eleven years), guitar, drums and , wait for this, the accordion!
Edita's Calvin Klein White Label campaign images still haven't been released but hopefully soon, seeing as how the August issues are now rolling out.

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