A quick look at one of Edita's stunning beauty editorials in the June/July 2008 issue of Vogue Paris. I've always thought that Edita's refined looks were a perfect fit for beauty shots, and these images prove this theory right.

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Numero 104

Edita stars in a new fragrance editorial in Numero 104. Although nudity can be reduntant in fashion and I was initially wary of the images, I quite like them now. Someone on the Fashion Spot remarked that Edita didn't have to wear clothes as she is wearing the perfume. This immediately reminded me of Marylin Monroe's infamous quote of wearing nothing but Chanel No. 5 to bed.
I love how the chiaroscuro perfectly highlights Edita's bone structure - these are really beautiful shots.

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Candid of the Moment

Edita at the 2009 Chanel Haute Couture fitting with Karl.

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Numéro Korea June 2009 : Edita Vilkeviciute

Edita has nabbed a Numero Tokyo cover, and rightfully so. She should be getting more printwork - I think her looks strike the very fine line between commercial and high fashion and her face translates very well onto covers.
Just the other day I was thinking that Numero Korea has remarkable covers for such a new publication and Edita's cover is no exception.

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Deja Vu

No, you're not seeing the same cover. Edita in fact graces the May 2009 issue of Vogue Hellas. It's a reprint of the Vogue Australia June 2009 cover, which is a reprint from a Vogue Paris editorial! I have to say I like Vogue Hellas' version (at right) a lot better - the green just pops against Edita's outfit. The Vogue Australia version was just a bit too pink in the long run.

Left to Right: Vogue Australia June 2009, Vogue Hellas May 2009

Derek Lam Store Opening

I forgot to post this picture of Edita at a recent event. She attended the Derek Lam Store Opening in NYC, which means she must have been in town to do some work ... and Anna Wintour, of all people, was at the event so maybe this means more US Vogue work?

Edita Vilkeviciute, in Derek Lam, with Giedre Dukavskaite.

Lady In Red

Edita was at the Chanel Cruise 2010 show in Venice. Karl made the crowd wait two hours for the show to start. He wanted the sunset to be a perfect backdrop, and it proved beautiful against the rich red clothes and nautical

Edita was beautiful as well, in a red wig reminiscent of twenties flappers and Peggy Guggenheim (Karl's supposed inspiration for the show).

Models as Muses

Edita made an appearance at the 2009 Costume Institute Gala in New York. A classic beautiful Chanel outfit ... hmm, maybe she is hinting at a future campaign?

Vogue Australia June 2009

Edita has a Vogue Australia June 2009 cover, and even though it's a reprint, it's a striking shot.
P.S. Edita will be at the Costume Institute Gala tonight, wearing Chanel!

V 59 | The Swimsuit Issue

Only one shot for Edita in V magazine, but it makes an impact!

Edita by Mario Testino
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